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Olympia Summer Academy 2017

Every summer since 2001, Ancient Olympia — that cradle of symbolism for ancient Greek ideals — has been hosting a summer school on political science and international relations, drawing students and academics from around the world. Now at its second decade, the Olympia Summer School has earned international plaudits and prestige, with applications coming in every […]

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Ellinomatheia’s event for celebrating a successful school year 2015/2016

[Δείτε παρακάτω για Ελληνικά] For nine consecutive years, Ellinomatheia offers a proper and comprehensive teaching of the Greek language in the UAE, for both natives and people who desire to learn Greek as a foreign language. Ellinomatheia students not only improve their language skills, but they also gain an overall view of the Greek civilization. The end […]

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dr meletiadis

Dr. Meletiadis: “We are as young as our blood vessels”

[Δείτε παρακάτω για Ελληνικά] An interview with Dr. Zoumpoulis Meletiadis, Chief of Internal Medicine Department in German Medical Center, about the prevention of cardiovascular diseases (heart attacks and strokes). How can we prevent a heart attack or stroke? “We are as young as our blood vessels”. That means that the chance of having a heart […]

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Ellinomatheia dia viou

Ellinomatheia lessons in UAE

Interview with Natassa Kanellou, Coordinator of Ellinomatheia lessons in UAE (in Greek language) Συνέντευξη με την Κα Νατάσσα Κανέλλου, συντονίστρια των Μαθήματων Ελληνομάθειας ΗΑΕ, σε συνεργασία με το Κέντρο Πιστοποιήσης της Ελληνομάθειας (Hellenic Council Certification Center for the Greek Language in UAE) Είστε ημερήσιο Ελληνικό σχολείο? Στα Εμιράτα βρίσκονται οικογένειες Ελλήνων, των οποίων τα παιδιά […]

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ellines in emirates

Ellines in Emirates

The first magazine related to Greeks in UAE (Elllines in Emirates) is published now. If you live in UAE, you can get your copy by booking in advance here: It is a glossy publication, 80 pages, enriched with interviews with many Greeks living in the UAE (including exclusive interviews with H.E. Dionisios Zois, the […]

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